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DIY Custom Home Décor Ideas DIY Home Decor Ideas

Licensing in the construction industry. Some objects made from granite includes flooring tiles, block walls, kitchen counters shelving, paving stones, shelves and monuments. Granite slabs are perfect to create DIY home décor ideas. It has less minerals, so it is more resilient to decay and fire.

DIY granite shelves are light and simple to put up. It is necessary to have self-adhesive films, pieces of wood, MDF or gold brackets or MDF. A razor blade, knife filler spreader and a pencil are required to construct shelves with the look of granite. When you've got your supplies you can follow these straightforward steps:

You must ensure that you have right dimensions for the shelves and smoothen the surface. Draw a straight straight line lengthways on the wooden piece with an appropriate ruler. In order to avoid removing the backing of the adhesive vinyl then wrap it around the shelf , leaving the extra 3cm after that, cut it using scissors. Take 2cm off the backing off the adhesive vinyl and apply the edge with a firm grip to the straight line of pencil. It is recommended to work from left to right , working to smooth any bumps or bubbles until the area is level and flat. Repeat the process until you reach the end. Adhesive the ends of the shelf. Make two shorter ends on either side. Create small cuts on each corner. Use a razor blade for the edges with more complicated edges, and use the filler spreader to smooth the edges.

Repeat the procedure for the required number of shelves, and then choose the brackets you want to use and put them up on the wall.

Make Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are becoming growing trend of DIY design for home owners who want to refresh their kitchen or bathroom decor. The idea may be daunting initially, but it is possible to make a stunning countertop.