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10 Factors to Consider in Your Illinois Home Inspection Checklist

In addition, they must check that the appliances and fixtures in the garage (heaters, furnaces, and electrical panels) are working properly.

During your inspection as well, it's important to check the door to your garage. An inspection of your garage door can find issues with the door , and help you repair them before they turn into expensive breakdowns. The issues discovered during inspection will also aid in the prevention of grave injuries caused by a malfunctioning garage door may cause.

7. Insulation and Ventilation Systems

It is also important to check the air conditioning and insulation on the Illinois home inspection list. Both of these can drastically influence the quality of your indoor airand affect the comfort of your house. Insufficient ventilation and insulation can be a source of problems within your home, which could result in mold growth and increased cost of energy.

During an inspection, the builder must determine if the home has insulation, especially in attics, basements, as well as foundation wall. Also, they should ensure for the proper kind and amount of insulation is being employed. In addition, they must be looking for insulation issues such as insects, pests, and mold growth.

Your contractor will inspect your ventilation system to ensure that your insulation is well ventilated. It is the responsibility of your contractor to inspect vents, ducts, as well as air conditioner units for air leakage. Also, they should ensure that important locations like your laundry area and bathroom are well ventilated in order to stop the build-up of moisture.

If you've got the option of a furnace or fireplace, it is a good idea to inspect the chimney. An inspection of the chimney could reveal issues with ventilation like blocked pipes, creosote overgrowth and leaks that might pose a risk to your safety. Also, the inspection could help expose structural issues for example, cracks inside the chimney