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Her Justice Provides the Low Income Women of New York City Legal Advice and Representation NYC Independent Press

797 New York child support cases were observed by 89 volunteers. What they discovered:

Concerning the people who filed cases:

85 percent of petitioners to the court weren't represented by a lawyer. 80percent of parents responding to petitions also did not have an attorney or present. 74% of those who signed petitions were mothers. 71% of respondents were fathers. The estimated 12% petitioners and 12% respondents spoke to interpreters.

The report detailed the following:

55 percent of the observed 797 cases were adjourned. 28percent of them were adjourned due to improper or non-production of the documents containing the initial notice of the case. 25% of them were adjourned because of not presenting the needed financial documents. Judges found that legal representation could be beneficial for 52% of cases. 14.3% of the cases dismissed. A mere 3% were won by petitioners who were represented by an attorney.

Petitioners eager to have their cases heard suffered an unintended setback when adjourned trials were dismissed. Petitioners sat through an entire day without progressing their case. The situation got even worse when the courts closed due to the outbreak. Parents were forced to wait for months for the required child support.

Her Justice comes from a female with more than 28 years of experience aiding women overcome difficulties. Once the case has been closed, clients see a 70 per cent increase in their earning. Her Justice helps thousands of women who are in need with regard to:

A) Child Aid

The law stipulates that parents provide for their children till they reach at least 21 years old. This means that Her Justice may help you ask the court to order a non-custodial father to pay the child support.

You can also get help with a child support order:

Establish your child's biological father Take a step forward .